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Overwatch League - Professional Esports League When it comes to adrenaline rushing esports – Overwatch is the name of the game, and we all know it. If you aren’t aware of it so far, you should know that the Overwatch is a super-intense, 6v6 action game where you train to be the best you can as an individual, but yet, you

Introduction to League of Legends (LOL) League of Legends, or just LOL is one of the most popular esports games in the world, and there are thousands of people who watch the championships on the Twitch site and take part in League of Legends betting, knowing all the odds and following every move of the most famous teams like 9Cloud and

Dota 2 - Record at the International 2019 Every year Dota 2 makes talk about its significant competition in numerous methods. The most striking is the amount of the total cash prize from the competitors, which has simply exceeded for this year's edition. The global 2019, the major competition of Dota 2 that comes every year to close the professional season of

A game would not be competitive without tournaments and rewards. While the first tournaments in France were held in schools and universities, associations and companies took over to create more significant and spectacular events ever. Presentation of the primary French and international tournaments. Major e-sport events and leagues. Gamers Assembly: a must-see event for French amateur and professional e-sport, the first edition

What would the Esport scene be without the incredible diversity linked to these teams? Whether these are an extension of an amateur association, or a specialized company developing through its professional team, there are almost as many different courses as there are different teams. We are delighted to offer you to learn more about each of them through their presentation! The