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Excubitor Game Project

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Game Features

Excubitor is a new video game project by Tesseract Interactive. An action game at it’s core, it harks back to the days of the Strike Series and Raptor: Call of The Shadows. While those games served as the initial inspiration, in the later stages of development we shifted the focus to not just invoke the gameplay of old school shoot-em-ups, but also provide the player with a loot system and different upgrades, as well as the core mechanics of the tower defense genre. By fusing all of these pieces in addition to our own ideas and gameplay innovations we believe Excubitor has developed it’s own identity, something that will differentiate our game from the ones that came before it.


*Explore different worlds, each one offering a unique feel and different gameplay elements

*Confront a vast array of enemy units, with the difficulty increasing as the game progresses

*Choose from different spacecraft upgrades

*A big selection of weapons that unlock as you progress through the game

*Plan your resources – unlock new strategic possibilities based on your play style using the resources you earn in-game

*Go on the offence, or bunker down defensively – upgrade your spacecraft and take the fight to the enemy, or build defensive turrets and turtle out the storm


In a militaristic future where mankind has conquered the farthest reaches of space, the crew of a lone research vessel called Antares lies dormant near an off-world mining colony until it receives a distress signal and executes a surveillance mission. Upon descent on the planet you discover that the colony is under attack. There you must battle the war machines of humanity, now controlled by a sentient entity of unknown origins. As the player, you are the pilot of a space fighter, the only one trained and capable to fend of the enemy forces and defend Antares.