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Esport News

Esport News

Dota 2 – Record at the International 2019

Every year Dota 2 makes talk about its significant competition in numerous methods. The most striking is the amount of the total cash prize from the competitors, which has simply exceeded for this year’s edition.

The global 2019, the major competition of Dota 2 that comes every year to close the professional season of the video game, has currently gone into the history of eSport before having even started. This has been the case for several years now. However it just grows with each edition: the rewards of the competitors each year reach record amounts, and this year is no exception. The competitors will take place at least in August, from 16 to 18 August for the group phases, then from 20 to 25 of the same month at the Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai, China. Almost a month and a half before the very first conference of the worldwide 2019, the competitors have currently collected more than 25,000,000 dollars of the endowment. It even went beyond last year’s record allotment of $ 25,532,177. The numbers are mind-boggling.

The International 2018

Even the explanations, basic as they are, have a hard time to validate such quantities. And yet Valve, the studio developer of the game, has simply contented itself with a damnably efficient system. Content related to the video game (additional or aesthetic, for example) is offered to the gamers of the community versus a various amount depending upon the level of the pass that one wants to buy. 25% of the money spent is instantly contributed to the” pot”. Noticeable to all, it then released an innocent obstacle to the community, which is happy to make it swell a little more day by day while benefiting from the elements provided versus these commercial counterparts. The Battle Pass of the 2019 edition of The International has been on sale because May 7th, and different versions and marketing operations have helped to advance the overall ti9 endowment. To provide you a concept of the current percentages, the amounts achieved this year are more than $ 6 million greater than last year at the very same time, and that’s not over.

League of Legends-what is tactical Combat?

Riot Games released a new game that already made many hearts beat during its tests on the test server of League of Legends. This is the tactical Combat mode, an automatic chess game that relies on strategy and team composition.

The French-speaking world of League of Legends has been talking about its test version for days, and it is finally available on the live servers: Le Combat Tactique (Teamfights Tactics). An auto chess game that offers players several sets to face their opponents and build a coherent and increasingly powerful team. Part of it takes place in several successive stages: recruitment, which allows combatants to be recruited into its team against a few pieces, deployment, which represents the establishment of forces in presence on the plateau, and then a phase of confrontation.

Each Player Can Select Characters and Place Them on the Board to Face His Opponent’s Counters

Riot Games has provided players with a total of 50 champions, all of whom possess strengths and weaknesses that are more or less their own. The synergies vary from one opponent to another, so you will have to balance them according to what your seven opponents offer. Because yes: you play against seven opponents. Successively, with a total of points of life which is damaged according to the defeats. The bigger the defeat, the faster your life points come down logic. To give you an idea of the possible development throughout all these rounds, each of the Fifty champions available in this mode can be improved and can be equipped or buffered with certain items or bonuses. As in the Invocator’s crack, after all. Enough to turn a simple pawn into a madman, if you compare it with a classic chess game.

The release of this mode of the game has caused some problems on the servers, but the first parts seem to have positive feedback within the community and even among the editors. See what Riot Games plans to do in the long term, but the content related to tactical Combat is beginning to flourish on the various specialized sites and YouTube, and we are already talking about meta and tutorials. Riot Games has found a new mode with good potential.

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